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Proteus Plus

Proteus Plus, top cover Proteus Plus, top uncovered

Proteus Plus SSDs from Comtech TCS set the standard for rugged performance in industry-standard form factor SSDs. These drives feature:

  • Standard 2.5” dimensions, for easy integration and replacement of hard disk drives
  • Secure erase capability, triggerable through hardware or software, for quick and safe data sanitization
  • Sustained read and writes speeds of 250 MB/s
  • Rigorous testing by independent third parties to conform to Mil-STD-810
  • Industrial temperature SLC NAND Flash for data retention in the harshest environments
  • Rigidly mounted PCBs in a milled aluminum alloy case

Additional packaging options including 96-hour military burn-in, conformal coating, component staking and silicone gel fill provide additional levels of reliability and ruggedness for your most extreme applications.

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