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Digital mapping and chart displays provide many advantages over of paper charts and imagery. The amount of detail can be tailored to the mission to alleviate clutter and custom overlays can be rendered on the display giving mission details.

Adoption of digital mapping has accelerated now that the speed and power of cockpit computing has matched the requirements of real-time moving map applications. A key element of this increased speed is the use of SSDs to store the mapping data.

Comtech TCS SSDs provide:

  • High random IOPs to allow for fast display of map details tracking the position of a supersonic jet
  • Extreme ruggedness able to withstand both the high shock of a ship crashing down off a large wave and the high vibration environment of a helicopter

The demands of a moving map in a military vehicle on land, sea or in the air are much higher than your average automobile GPS system. Depend on Comtech TCS SSDs to provide the speed and ruggedness to meet those demands.

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