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There are over 500,000 9-1-1 calls nationally each day, and approximately 75% of those calls were placed using cell phones. In addition, with the improved texting user interfaces that are a part of the smartphone experience, and as smartphones are an increasing percentage of the cell phone user base, more and more citizens are texting to 9-1-1. The faster and more accurately the caller or texter is located, the faster help can reach them. However, when those callers are located indoors, the technologies in use today lose much of their accuracy in providing location. If the caller is unable to verbally specify their location, first responders lose precious time locating the caller.

Recognizing this critical public safety concern, the FCC has indicated an interest in pursuing techniques, technologies, and solutions that will result in providing greater location accuracy to first responders for emergency calls from indoor locations. As a leader in supporting the Public Safety community, Comtech Telecommunications is working with the FCC, CSRIC and an increasing number of key Public Safety vendors to develop the best solutions to this challenge. The Comtech Telecommunications philosophy is to work with and support a variety of technologies and partners in this effort. By partnering with best-of-breed technology companies to integrate new indoor location solutions to its call handling and text-to-911 systems, Comtech Telecommunications continues to lead the way in innovations for public safety.

We have developed a solution, LocatE9-1-1™ that leverages an Indoor Location Engine (ILE) at its core. The ILE has connections to multiple underlying databases that can be queried during an E9-1-1 call to determine whether precise location information exists for a wireless device calling 9-1-1. If precise location information for a device calling 9-1-1 is available in one of the underlying databases, that information will be routed to the correct PSAP and displayed on the Web Browser Client used by a 9-1-1 call taker.

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