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E9-1-1 for Femtocells

It’s now common for wireless carriers and digital phone service providers to deploy femtocells within their coverage or service area.

Because of the lack of defined standards, however, 9-1-1 calls from femtocells present several challenges. These challenges include (1) provisioning subscriber information, (2) delivering data to the PSAP, and (3) verifying RF (radio frequency) coverage.

The Comtech Telecommunications femtocell E9-1-1 solution solves these three problems and more.

Call Provisioning

The Comtech Telecommunications femtocell emergency services use a standards-based LIS (location information server) to provision, store, and deliver the address and lat/long of the femtocell, as well as to associate it with the nearest cell site. Comtech Telecommunications is also able to provision and deliver the MSAG valid address as well as the femtocell’s lat/long location. For CDMA carriers, the Comtech Telecommunications service supports J-STD-036 Rev C and also supports the use of the new MobInfo_Femto_CDMA, which enables the provisioning of subscriber information.

Data Delivery Format

How is address data delivered to the PSAPs? Comtech Telecommunications can support both Phase I and Phase II E9-1-1. For Phase I, we support cell site or the actual femtocell address (in MSAG format if desired). For Phase II, we support both femtocell addresses in MSAG format as well as lat/long addresses. Using an IMS (IP multimedia) approach, Comtech Telecommunications can deliver data to a PSAP’s screen in a format consistent with the agreement between you and the PSAP, while providing a cost-effective approach that’s extensible to LTE.

Radio Frequency Coverage Verification

The Comtech Telecommunications femtocell 9-1-1 solution verifies whether the address is in the carrier’s RF footprint and where the address is in proximity to the lat/long location. Comtech Telecommunications’ integrated cellular and VoIP call routing infrastructure will enable routing via ESRKs (emergency services route keys) or ESQKs (emergency services query keys).

Supported Interfaces

Comtech Telecommunications works with current and future interfaces. Because signaling standards are not yet fully available, Comtech Telecommunications offers NENA i2, and IMS interfaces. This gives you the ability to route calls via our award-winning LivewirE911™ platform, which was designed to support nomadic and mobile multi-mode endpoints in addition to fixed-line VoIP endpoints . The LivewirE911 platform also includes support for handoffs between macro-cells and femtocells.

Femtocell E9-1-1

Comtech Telecommunications 9-1-1 for Femtocell solution allows you to surmount several industry challenges when providing Femtocell 9-1-1 services to your subscribers. (Click image to enlarge)

Benefits and Advantages

  • Eliminates inefficient legacy platforms and technology. Allows you to keep pace with the market by extending 9-1-1 support for Femto access points.
  • Saves costs by reducing validation and provisioning times.  Comtech Telecommunications’ real-time provisioning is the location validation interface for femto access points.
  • Simplifies provisioning and routing by eliminating the local ALI service order input process. Using the NENA i2 model (patterned after wireless 9-1-1), the Comtech Telecommunications solution associates p-ANIs to subscriber phone numbers during call time and dynamically populates the associated subscriber location in the ALI.
  • Reduces need for development. Because Comtech Telecommunications femtocell E9-1-1 service features a NENA i2 SIP based interface, typically no development is required in order for you to activate the routing interface with Comtech Telecommunications.
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