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ALI Steering

ALI Link™ for Cellular Carriers, Digital Voice Providers, and VSPs

In order to provide E9-1-1 services to their subscribers, cellular carriers, digital voice providers, and VSPs have traditionally had to build their own data circuits with every ALI database in their service area. It’s a process that comes at significant, yet unavoidable, cost.

Streamlined Access to All Standardized ALI Databases

The Comtech Telecommunications ALI Link™ service provides nationwide connectivity between ALI Link customers and more than 230 ALI databases used for E9-1-1.

By giving you access to standardized ALI databases through a single steering port, ALI Link saves you the expense of building your own data circuits. Using the Comtech Telecommunications ALI Link service, you can now access both regional and standalone ALI databases through a single contact point, whether you’re a cellular carrier, a digital voice providers, or a VSP.

Bottom line: ALI Link eliminates the need for you to create custom data circuits for each ALI database and frees you to enjoy highly streamlined access to all standardized ALI databases.

ALI Link Technical Overview

The Comtech Telecommunications ALI Link service steers ALI queries from the requesting ALI to the ALI Link customer positioning center (MPC, GMLC, or VPC) and returns the response from each steered query back to the originating ALI ESME (emergency services message entity).

To accomplish this, ALI Link is connected to both regional and standalone ALI databases and to the ALI Link customer positioning center. ALI Link manages connectivity, provides translations, and filters PSAP queries for ALI Link customers. The solution receives queries from multiple types of ALI systems, including standalone, NENA-standard, dual-query PAM, and E2 and then translates these disparate request types into one request type for the provider.

A Proven ALI Steering Solution

As the first E9-1-1 service provider to deploy commercial cellular Phase I service in 1998, we support more than 50 million subscribers through our Cellular E9-1-1 hosted MPC and GMLC solutions and over 3 million digital voice and VoIP subscribers through through our Livewire911 offering.

By using ALI Link, we leverage established and proven ALI connections to create a complete end-to-end E9-1-1 solution for customers who have implemented an in-network positioning center.

As of 2010, we support 72,500 ESRKs (emergency service routing keys) and 86,500 ESQKs (emergency service routing keys) in shared pools for ALI steering. The core ALIs are also in use for approximately 150,000 calls per day processed through the Comtech Telecommunications MPC and GMLC.

Features and Benefits

  • Simplified protocol support: Your positioning centers will no longer have to support two ALI/MPC protocols—NENA-05 ESP and PAM—to process steered ALI requests. ALI Link supports multiple standards-based protocols to communicate with you and ALI’s, meaning you will need to support Comtech Telecommunications ESP alone.
  • Access to regional and standalone ALI databases with only one steering port: ALI Link saves you the expense of building your own data circuits to dozens of ALI databases by being the link between you and ALI.
  • Single standards-compliant interface: ALI Link’s standards-based architecture means you no longer need to develop or maintain interfaces to the various ALI interface types.
  • Fully geo-redundant ALI query handling service: The service is active in both Comtech Telecommunications’ data centers. The ALI connection is equipment redundant and, when the PSAP makes it available, circuit redundant.
  • A hosted service: ALI Link is hosted in Comtech Telecommunications data centers and connected to cellular carriers, digital voice, and VSPs over redundant IP connections.
  • Multiple connection configurations to the ALI: Comtech Telecommunications supports a number of connection configurations to the ALI database or PSAP to deliver the ALI information. Includes WAN queries over frame relay networks, LAN queries over serial links or Ethernet, and industry-standard protocols over TCP/IP.
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