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Look4 is a complete suite of location APIs designed to help developers enrich mobile products and applications with advanced navigation and location-based services (LBS). Leveraging Comtech Telecommunications’ world-class LBS solution to track the location of mobile phones, Look4 is ideal for any third-party developer, OEM, or operator. The Look4 platform allows developers to quickly integrate comprehensive, market-leading search and voice guided turn-by-turn navigation functionality seamlessly into their mobile and embedded applications.

Local Search

These search capabilities leverage real-time enhanced content to allow users to see their current location and find places to eat, shop, visit and more. In addition, it provides easy-to-use single search box, with auto-completion and search suggestions. Real-time enhanced content means that when searching for gas stations, it will also show the price per gallon that each station is offering; when searching for movie theaters, it will show the listings and show times. With Look4’s Local Search solution, today’s consumer will have faster and easier access to their local products and services.


Look4’s navigation integrates advanced natural voice guidance, lane guidance, speed limits, highway signs, route selection options along with real-time traffic, and a selection of either driving or walking directions. A UI widget is also available, making it simple for developers to embed a full navigation session within their application.

Indoor and Outdoor Location with Sensor Fusion

Mockup of phone displaying routing using Look4 APIThe cornerstone of Look4’s location technology is “Sensor Fusion” which combines data from multiple sensors, including various wireless networks (cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth), acceleration/orientation, and air pressure. These are processed simultaneously using on-device and cloud-based stores of reference information to determine a device’s location within a few meters, both horizontally and vertically. These sensor datum are processed in conjunction with GPS data, filling in the gaps when GPS is partially obstructed or unavailable.

The result is that with Look4’s patented sensor fusion technology, accurate location fixes can b obtained with or without a GPS signal, offering both indoor and outdoor location fixes. All with the power consumption 20% of a typical GPS based system. In addition, the Look4 location vector tells your application the devices current bearing, velocity, altitude, ambient temperature and current lat/long.

To learn more download the indoor location information sheet.

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