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Xypoint® Secure User Plane Location Server (SUPL)

Location Servers

The Xypoint® Secure User Plane Location Server (SUPL) is the most accurate SUPL server in the industry. Xypoint SUPL Server is a state-of-the-art SUPL 1.0 standards-compliant Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS) server that enables precise and sophisticated location-based services for mobile operators.

Using only an operator’s existing data network, the Xypoint SUPL Server allows quick and easy deployment for launching precise location services by connecting with A-GPS-capable devices and providing data required for the phone to quickly acquire the position of satellites and calculate location. Secure and completely standards-based, Xypoint SUPL Server assures interoperability across all device providers.

The Xypoint SUPL Server enables multiple positioning technologies including server- and handset-based A-GPS, handset assisted A-GPS, cell ID, and enhanced cell ID. Features include:

Standards-based solution

Xypoint SUPL Server is fully compliant with the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) SUPL 1.0 standard. The standard provides security, authentication, and secure communication between the device and the Xypoint SUPL Server.

Device Interoperability

Comtech Telecommunications conducts lab-to-lab testing with many of the industry’s leading device manufacturers to assure interoperability between its Xypoint SUPL Server and a myriad of A-GPS-capable devices.

Implementation options

Xypoint SUPL Server allows wireless operators flexible pricing and implementation options to meet any business case. It is easily configured for hosted deployment within the TL-9000-certified centers or for deployed and supported in-network solutions.

IMS capable

Xypoint SUPL Server provides a direct, clear migration path when operators migrate to next-generation networks. Using standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) messaging, Xypoint SUPL Server provides seamless convergence to future networks and services.

Complete Service

Unlike any other provider, Comtech Telecommunications provides an entire end-to-end system for operators. Together with the Xypoint® Reference Network, used for global satellite assistance data, the Xypoint SUPL Server can locate a user anywhere on the globe. Together with the user’s position, Comtech Telecommunications offers a full compliment of geospatial services and a complete suite of end-user applications from traffic services to navigation.



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