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Xypoint® Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC)

Location server

The Xypoint® Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC) module in the Xypoint Location Platform (XLP) is a standards-based solution supporting OMA-MLP and GSM MAP standard data interfaces. The GMLC is a control plane system that interfaces with emergency and commercial LCS clients and the operator’s network to provide a mobile stations’ location.

Comtech Telecommunications' GMLC goes beyond the functionality of a standard GMLC by providing location-based services on Cell-ID without using an SMLC. Where Cell-ID location is sufficient, this enables a cost effective GMLC-only solution without having to deploy an SMLC. Comtech Telecommunications' GMLC can also provide privacy functions when deployed with the optional XLSG middleware platform.

The GMLC serves as the point of interface to the wireless network for the position determination network. The GMLC serves as the entity that retrieves, forwards, stores and controls position information within the position network.

The GMLC has 4 main components:

  • Application Interface Module- interacts with Location Services (LCS) clients for location acquisition.
  • Transaction Management- regulates the flow of location requests to both protect the location server itself, as well as the core network.
  • Cache Management- stores acquired locations in a database for use in future location queries.
  • Network Location Interface- interfaces with other nodes within the Carrier’s core network.  For a GMLC implementation this consists of the Lh (standard Lh plus ATI, SRI_SM), Lg (standard Lg plus PSI and MT_FW_SMS) interfaces, and Lr (OMA-RLP) interfaces.  The Network Location Interface supports standard SS7 links as well as SIGTRAN. 

The GMLC receives the Network-Initiated location request from an application, and coordinates the activities to ensure that a location is obtained and returned to the requesting application. The GMLC, as other control plane nodes, uses Signaling System 7 (SS7) or IP based Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN) to communicate with the wireless network.

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