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Xypoint® Mobile Positioning Center (MPC)

Location Server

The Xypoint® Mobile Positioning Center (MPC) module in the Xypoint Location Platform (XLP) is a standards-based solution that routes location information from the wireless operator’s CDMA network to applications.

For CDMA networks, and depending on the network architecture implemented, the location server can return location information based on the subscriber’s position using “Control Plane” technology.

The MPC leverages network-controlled methods of making location requests to a handset for its location data that does not require end-user activation (e.g., emergency services, fleet/field force management, family finder). The Control Plane MPC uses Signaling System 7 (SS7) or Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN) to communicate with the wireless network.

The MPC is well-suited to provide location services that do not require high precision, like weather and traffic services. Since the MPC supports both A-GPS and non A-GPS enabled devices, this solution does not have handset dependencies, but operators should ensure that their Mobile Switching Centers/Home Location Registers (MSC/HLRs) have Location Services functions enabled to the satisfy the MPC’s network dependencies.

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