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Xypoint® Location Services Gateway (XLSG)

The Xypoint® Location Services Gateway (XLSG) module in the Xypoint Location Platform (XLP) is robust middleware that serves as the interface between the LBS platform components and the LBS applications using standard communication protocols (MLP). The XLSG provides authentication, authorization, privacy, and revenue assurance related to location applications and transactions. It brokers location transactions between third parties and carriers. Further, it enforces carrier location privacy policies and business rules. The XLSG exposes location capabilities to third party developers via standard APIs and toolkits.

One of the primary concerns since the advent of LBS has been personal privacy and security around user location data. Indeed, privacy controls are critical to ensuring consumer and enterprise adoption of LBS. Middleware addresses these issues by performing a number of critical privacy and security functions:

  • Managing subscriber profile information.
  • Managing subscriber privacy—access controls allow subscribers to identify who can access their personal location information.
  • Managing application authorization, thus providing end-users control of their location information.
  • Managing authentication, confirming that the person trying to access subscriber information is who they say they are.
  • Integrating billing and operations systems securely.

In addition to privacy and security functions, the Xypoint Location Services Gateway (XLSG) provides operators with LBS revenue and service assurance. Revenue assurance entails tracking and reporting on different location request types in order to manage and effectively bill against location-based services requests. Service assurance abilities allow providers to differentiate between different network location services requests in order to provide different levels of location services based on application and subscriber profiles.

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