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Location Studio™

Comtech Telecommunications provides a comprehensive suite of technologies and solutions that address location and positioning in multiple markets. For Enterprise developers, our technology suites provide a rich set of functionality that allows a developer to create a location aware application with contextual awareness. Elements of the technology suites include:


  • GeoSuite – a complete search, mapping, and navigation platform. Can even create geofences to establish alerts when a device crosses a boundary you define.
  • PositioningSuite – our patented Sensor Fusion positioning engine provides a location fix both indoors and outdoors, using very little battery power.
  • MessagingSuite – a complete carrier and enterprise grade messaging solution supporting virtually all popular and legacy messaging protocols.
Plus, we provide a complete Analytics Suite allowing the developer to gain critical insight into what their users are doing, when they are doing it and where they are doing it. Our developer portal comes complete with reference designs in source code format supporting the Android, iOS and Linux platforms.

We recognize the need for not only technology, but complete solutions as well. To support that, Location Studio also includes a ‘Solutions Gallery’, where complete end-to-end solutions are available for specific vertical markets. These solutions can be customized to meet your needs. We offer end-to-end solutions for Mobile Network Operators, Automotive OEMs, Fleet and Logistic organizations, Insurance and Financial industries, along with providing solutions for silicon (SoC) manufacturers. 

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