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Maritime Antenna Solutions

Explore Comtech TeleCommunication Systems Inc.'s Maritime Antenna Solutions. For additional details on each product, please see our downloadable datasheets.

Multiband X/Ka Shipboard Antenna

  • Proven MILSATCOM performance, in use by the Royal Australian Navy
  • For use in Dual-band and Dual-Polarization applications
  • Simultaneous X/Ka-band
  • Measured Low PIM Performance for multi-carrier application

X-Band Shipboard Antenna

  • 2.2 m antenna
  • Developed for the German Navy F125 Class Frigate
  • Upgradable X/Ku and X/Ka-Band Feed Simultaneous Multiband Option
  • Low PIM Capability
  • Low PIM Capability
  • High Power Capacity
  • High Efficiency Shaped Dual Reflector

Ka-Band Shipboard Antenna

  • 1m, high-efficiency shaped dual reflector
  • 4-port selectable LHCP/RHCP polarization
  • Lightweight, high shock design
  • Maritime radome

Multiband Ku/Ka Shipboard Antenna

  • Simultaneous Ku/Ka antenna, developed for the NANSEN Frigate upgrade program
  • High power capacity
  • High efficiency shaped dual reflector

Multiband X/Ku Shipboard Antenna

  • MILSATCOM and COMSATCOM in one antenna
  • Simultaneous 1.0M X/Ku-band antenna
  • High efficiency shaped dual reflector

Downloadable datasheets

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