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VirtuMedix™ Platform

Comtech Telecommunications’ VirtuMedix® provides immediate virtual health services to patients from their home, office, or while traveling. Using VirtuMedix, practitioners and care givers help their patients avoid long waits in hospitals or other urgent care clinics through virtual consultations. Additionally, hospitals, health plans and companies deploying VirtuMedix can rest assured that their members will have access to a cost effective, highly resilient and secure platform which can reduce member costs and improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

VirtuMedix Platform features:

Demonstration of a doctor using the Virtumedix video functionality

  • Enables access to virtual healthcare services anytime, anywhere, from any device through a simple interface
  • Allows practitioners and care givers to provide their services via VirtuMedix’s web portal, mobile app, or through traditional telemedicine means
  • Unparalleled patient support via live care agents able to support multiple languages
  • Integrated location services allows practitioners, care givers, and family members to locate their patient/loved one and specify alerts if that person leaves or arrives at certain locations (aka geofencing), find nearby care facilities as well as providing turn-by-turn navigation to those locations
  • Provides a standalone Electronic Health Record solution but also integrates into existing EHRs and other systems like Billing and A/R
  • Supports unique scheduling and capacity planning to ensure clinicians are available to provide services quickly
  • Captures quality metrics and measures patient satisfaction
  • Complies with HIPAA security and privacy regulations

As the healthcare industry continues to undergo rapid change and innovation, Comtech Telecommunications will continue to be at the forefront, helping stakeholders reduce costs, cope with evolving regulations and reimbursement models and simultaneously improve patient outcomes.

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