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Station Developments

Specialized developments include equipment /facilities integration and station related services. All of our systems are custom designed in compliance with specific customer requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to design and build flexible and innovative solutions incorporating dynamic design concepts along with the latest technologies to meet our customer’s specific requirements.

Our focus is complete customer satisfaction today and into the future.

Past Developments and Integrations have included:

  • Real Time command and telemetry processing/display
  • Large Aperture Antenna Systems
  • Record and Video Systems
  • Receiver and Demodulator Systems
  • Fight Safety (termination) Systems
  • Mobile, transportable, and fixed sites
  • Personnel Living Quarters
  • Instrumentation vans/trailers/shelters
  • Monitor/Control Systems (M&C)
  • Antenna Control Systems (ACU)
  • Power Generation Facilities
  • Communication Systems – Satellite and Terrestrial Network systems
  • Small full-motion antenna systems

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