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Radiation Components & Engineering

Think your design will work in space, just because it works on the ground? Unfortunately the radiation environment in space is much different to that on the ground. Let Comtech TCS Space & Component Technology help you to understand the risks involved.

In the early design phases of a program, we assist our customers with mission radiation studies, derating requirements, and recommendations for parts and materials. We work with our customers to achieve a program that meets their needs for reliability, performance, and budget. As the detail design progresses, Comtech TCS Space & Component Technology makes specific recommendations for part, material, and process changes.

We have access to numerous radiation test facilities so they are available when you need them and Comtech TCS Space & component technology manages the testing. Our radiation test report database contains over 1000 radiation test reports. We also have access to radiation test reports from JPL, GSFC, NASA, NGST, Aerospace Corp, Sandia and many manufacturer databases.

Test capabilities include:

  • Total Ionizing Dose (TID)
  • Enhanced Low Dose Rate Sensitivity (ELDRS)
  • Displacement Damage
  • Flash X-Ray
  • Electro magnetic pulse (EMP)
  • SEE-Single Event Effects
  • Heavy Ion testing
  • Proton, neutron testing, and gamma testing

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